Zillionaires giving away energy😘 ( 🐯💓🐶 )

I have two options now since I made up my mind either I play to make my palpal button some more fancy or I do more about How to find peace collection..

Thx me in kindness 🙂


I was into technology session on this website!! you are under no obligation and you dont have to click on this picture. I discover portal but this one is not up to what I was hopping for. Also I am into a solo mission. I just heard a story. I am going for it. That Is my goal now. there is no point putting a donation button it was my first version of what I wanted to do. I am still working on it.

it’s a link destination I have. I have fews weeks.. it sorta make it disconnected and connect at the same time with in and out and in and out and so on.. because of some software interaction with a spacial server,. it just to keep this space time is up to you.. I am on a mission to get my kid back. Some sacrifice in the following weeks is to be made. I heard in time space temporal opening I will be able to come back and connect. I heard x2 a months il be able to update it. since more resident are too poor to afford internet in that aria is like travelling in time before computer eras. ill send pics and stories. I will have time to write up there…loll I sure ill miss my computer.. for my kid anything…also il be exploring a new town.. so far I have not seen internet cafe just motel-hotel with free wi-fi  .. I must google a library to see if I could plug my self upthere as soon I have the chance if they let me out for it…I have no idea how things exactly work up there.. My cousine did it not for the same reason ..she had a real toxic problem..I have the dicipline to stop if I dont feel well .. I realised not all of us are like that…I must deal  also very far from my current location by regular transportation is like a maybe 6hours ride..look far into google map even 2 hours…lol  with no car. is going to be fun who know I might up grade by magic..lol

Also I will need a new computer too.

I not sure if I access the freezer like home..is like a wierd summer camp with federal conviction crazy to prouve I am a good mom..OMG hey I have tryed everything else.

I cannot bring this one up there. Here I manage if it heat the processor I put into the freezer for a minute or two then the bugs is off for more minutes but I have seen better result in cheaper laptop for real it was worth to try.. and since lots of wierdo I cannot bring it.. I saw a shopingmart not far from the camp on google map.

As soon I am officially in the program I will write the location.

For those who want to send  cards of encouragement..loll..

since ill be cut of reality..lol I have few days out I heard..



I cannot believe I am jumping for this wild adventure with very wild people.. Well my hero on tv did it.. Gordon Ramsay and Martha Steward..

me a deeper version since If I want I could walk out of it that the best part!!!.. I am like what the hell if that what it take to take my kid back I will do it, one thing is not to get out of the program. it stressed me because sometime I have a temper… whatever… my cousine told me they will break me..I am stubborn as fuck good luck I will play your game but I will stay me as soon I have the chance to be., geek ..nerd and matrix lover.. what ever creativity I am into..

This is my wordpress channel I have also another one on wordpress. migration. DNS to the univers I have an idea stuffs should run smooth for 3months. I did that sorta Big Brother program before. last time was around 6months.. I am just early for x-mas. dont notice if your imagination dont feel a water fall in this picture. and a wind flow.



If you feel the need to responding more :

Those page want your love 🙂

I have fews ideas about topic…



Une images vaux mille mots a L’infini.

I haven really set-up my instagram account for public but curiosity

I had been wearing the same skirt since 15 year ago at least.

Is my Hello Summer skirt I am weird like that.,

I was into into fengshui when I got it and the drawing details

And my twitter account is a little shocking. I care about it.

when is possible to be next to technology.

I am going to detox for my technology addiction?

I love having this addiction btw.

I will be trying new drugs…

All this to request for smoking weed too.


In my state weeds is not very legal like colorado.

They did the right move and now they are really $$$$$$$$

like 30-300 million a month? good vibe.

also I saw Martha Steward on Tv Today.

I happy She came To deliver a important msg into our local tv network

it was super cool!! The right moment the right time like perfection!

She said Teacher, Teacher,Teacher

and couple second about her Personal Network!

She look in peace and with a shinny face.

I wonder if it a trends. not like metalic shine it was more like a lust shine but like a mask

but the Teacher Teacher part amazed me!


bouga bouga bougaagaga


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