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10 june 2016

I had been quiet.. It got me thinking. 

Yesturday I gave all my papers..

I told her my story and she took copy of my paper and she told me I am starting next week mild therapy. and shopping for a new female lawyer.

I am not suppose to smoke weed. Now is to replace the drug I am taking with legal one..

I got baking soda

so stupid since. I am addict to good vibe!!!.loll

Thx God. I have fews knowledge of tea and plants is the only way I think I will survive this task

replace a toxin for healthy alternative.

they will probably stressing me up so I am coming with plants..

Ive tryed this

yeah I speak french too. just google translate the ingredients look up those plants.

those are previous homework.

It work fine..

If you have a serious condition that require anti-biotic this wont do.

it just relaxed the body in such extend it just a good help I think to play the hunger game.

I am visiting websites. Thinking wtf to do ontil that roller coaster is on.

like saving those datas on another website since I dont know what is the deal.

I learn they have art class. I will be doing canvas. 

 then all smiling like less lame then I thought it would be.







My country is fuck-top.. I have to pretend I have drug problem to get help to get my kid they have stolen from me.


I have found 2 place. one program is hardcore  with a pool the other one is longer in the woods and been dealing with case like me. what i hate I must exagerate my drinking for real just to get there and get the proper help I need.






I just my first call.. my first admission on phone.. I passed.

and felt weird about it and then I spoke to my cousine,

and she noticed something change in the dynamic and by investigate we did figure out something change..

my cousine told me to shop for another last minute

i keep you update.

Thx for the encouragement I really appreciate this #3








I am leaving soon.. I heard it will be first a month evaluation!! my mom told me.

wow.. I never been that long without a computer ! a huge transition


My friend told me is like  Legionnaire Army bros!

I am crazy like that..

with news pills in my systems i might gain fews pounds.

 I had been on diet all my life if I dont like it I know what to do.

My Mom and Dad call me Princess for their Own Enjoyment  and I know where I am From.

working never scared me.






I was watching that when I was a kid…


Since I am from Montreal I must put Band of Montreal too…


Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁 Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁 Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁



also we both fan of portishead too.

Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁 Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁 Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁



A guy from usa felt in love with me once while I was working into a hogdog stand.

He was so smart OMG ! because Now I am posting his

Made a song of it with my full name!!!! but never had the courage to come to Montreal

Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁 Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁 Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men

I met the dude on myspace..

I told him I was mad fan Of I Love Lucy… Somehow we did connect with that it was cool

nice memories.


It was for my English class

because my state they  dont care about english school..

I had to dive on my own to learn since I am from a french state. we are still friend on this was summer 2007 .

I send nice Stuffs over the mail to thank him for that song . I understand the effort…

They even talk about phonograph.. I have no idea what it is maybe just

Thx you for the feu vert! you are awesome! Woke up I had that shalala song from the 1970 in my


That a real signer before I was born! lolllol


Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁 Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁 Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁Leo is a awkward men 😍🍹🍁


I had been looking for that cartoon name for yrs!!!! OMG I am sooooo Happy..

Well I has looking for another show then bam!!!

it is a very special moment for me and I am sharing this with you.

I do remember things that far that touch me! that show did and just realised it is my reality.










I just receive a list to webpage to explore. Il be busy with this  and my french homework for a while. unless something come up..loll


Thx for your kind MSG.

Summertime is here and I will enjoy the weather ..









figure this out ?.!!!






Riverkeeper Fishermen’s Ball honoring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ralph Lauren

















Find nutrition facts, including food labels, calories, nutritional information and analysis that helps promote healthy eating by telling you about the foods you eat.

and honey save the bees!.

This is Morgan Freemen, He may not be a sex-symbol like Leonardo Dicaprio but I believe he made really good movies. For his contribution  Θn helping the bees,I put him here. 


He has the uxustars Award!


I believe in long term relationship keep people healthy more longtime. Dont get into relationship if you are a cheater. My ways to prevent it’s to stay away from people. 







I have like 174 questions to answers and I have only made 33 in like 3 days..lloll Omg how long this is going to take me.. it drain me so much.. Ok I had been shopping to add on new banners,  To clean up old links replace them with a new tech software.. for new posts my laugh post on June.





Chrome – Google


Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.



This morning I was like study study … then making pizza..loll I had been thinking also to do fews update in here later tonight because I need fews hours with my french stuffs



aurora borealis in iceland








What your name?


I woke up this morning and wanted to add more infos. On my post of material and ressources and I remember what Rosario told me lastnight. to finish my french homework Mr.mymen loll

he was like let save the planet together..


I saw something adorable on the sky today, i am glad I am sharing this with you.

Murmuration of Starlings

The music is “Hammers


Are you ok? Yes, You know what I am going to call this Rhino




Rosario was like I dont want to be Rosario anymore . I was like really what is your name then he was like ‘’ 😛  did you know I had a G in my name?  ‘’ was like yeah I knew that. and why by? he was like it stand for baby. Wow! so you my Now! I didnt know how to tell you this but yeah.. sweet! like the path of roses

All connected some how is like we had met in another dimension before

Like the party is in the House!..loll



Rosario I just had the msg!! across the univers just like that!! the sun was sorta red and felt some energy, yeah music is not what it used to be you are right. you have that gift I think you are very amazing

Where let me think of it. while I write some more ok. xo


Albert Einstein

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand,

while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Albert Einstein

Read more quotes from Albert Einstein


Last night  was studying someone writing,  and then I woke up early, I felt a

Rosario was like write more here. Yes I will, It takes lots of courage to do it since I am very very very very very shy Alright back to my french infernal homework my goals today is to make more pages like usual  like someone life depend on it xo I must keep focus OMG, I just want to Feng Shui my house now changing the position of all my stuffs around. Rosario was like do your homework first and then get this over with I get it.

Well It might takes me a fews days or weeks? Rosario was like I will wait just keep me update here and there. Really? Yes! I love you. I love you too! I am watching the video of birds you did post I love it thank for sharing! Haha! I wont go away I am the spirit of your imagination Jennifer remember? Right! Saying like that make me feel like a crazy Well this is what I love about you 🙂



Well thanks for your comment! I will add  short post here  time to time here Θn the datas secti⊗n this month.

My french homework feel like I am writing a small book  it keeping me really busy for now and after I want to write a ebook for my new blogger and this summer I might paint again..loll I dont know unless Rosario want to do something else better then spending day and night He was like in the moods for many festivals and pool party in my town to get ideas .. he is a box full of what you see here.. cheer!

 I simply could not leave your website prior to suggesting that I really enjoyed the usual information an individual supply for your visitors? Is gonna be again frequently to inspect new posts


The Earth has risen between 0.4 and 0.8 °C over the past 100 years.

‘No more talk,

no more excuses,

no more 10-year studies,

‘ DiCaprio said.


Those birds move like bunker fish it is amazing xo

I  am happy with what I did  with my french homework.  still a lot to be done.. it look like a triller.. what is a je sais pas

it felt like saying thrill well ha!


Omg my french homework is brutal! it might as well takes all weekend or more it’s a important document oh lala not even  1/4!!! like  7hours later ayeaye

At first am like artsy fruity cuties writing now it look more like a


Well my ebook is a process it will take time to figure out  best quality content for you.. I have soo much to be done.. OMG.. First of all  is to know what i am talking now is to elaborate more. might take me weeks or months. Everyday I will do more. I am saying that because I saw visitor on my site.  I thought it was important to keep you updated with details.

it been like 3 days. I am on the first chapter and still need lots of work..imagine I had been thinking like  18 chapters plus bonus. imagine the energy i am putting together

I had some problems i had to fix too. and now some important documents to read and reply to it since I love my child more then anything on this planet.


I also came back to cheer up with Rosario




For you daddy.. I been trying very hard to be a good person. I love you daddy.. xo

he is in the clip.. I remember that day of recording this.. I was suppose to be in there but i had school.

Unlike their fur seal relatives they are not commercially hunted for their skins.


I had fur on my winter coat.

thinking about it now I really feel bad for those animals..

I used to watch golden hollywood ..all movies had fur because it was a fashion statement.

it look like glamour for that time period.. even my mom and grand-mother had fur coat because way back no one care about the animal feeling they just want to look pretty.

Now define pretty!? coat made of jelly fish skin? trillion of them are in the ocean? whatever. thinking of solution is not easy…



He sure has ideas for the fashion statement..loll I admire his love for  Marzia they are adorable couple. If violent environmental extremists engage in unlawful activity, it jeopardizes the … “As part of its law enforcement mandate the RCMP does have the …. Five industry plot lines to watch out for at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival ..

example of farm fish





 In my bl¤g page

He is Rosario!

He had been blešŠ To meet the m¤st beautiful r¤ses Θn Σarth.

take your kid and recreate that scene please!

Plant flower :

Bees been saving my life!!!


To be there when the kid need me is the most rewarding feeling ever.


I had been single mother since day one. is the most difficult job on earth.

I had been facing the most difficult challenges with the Quebecois state.

Praying  ∑very single dåy to see and be and have my ⊂hild  ågain.

Right now . :

five hundredextended familyrevolting disgustingWebpageFXrevolting disgustingextended familyfive hundred twocompanionsnuclear familyfive hundred twonuclear familywithnuclear family five hundredtwoextended familyourrevolting disgustingnuclear familyfive hundred purchasers to pick out a neighborhood twoexecutionrevolting disgustingnuclear family nuclear familycompanionnuclear family who is twonuclear familyStreetrevolting disgustingextended familytwofive hundred five hundredextended familyrevolting disgustingViewrevolting disgustingnuclear familytwo revolting disgustingCertifiedextended family five hundredtwoextended familyrevolting disgustingbytwo twoextended familyGooglerevolting disgustingextended family.



My child is missing :

Bring Back my child Please!


I am sorry I never agreed to this! My child must know!!!

Dig the gouvernement QC

1 juin marche aux puce st-eustache 033

been kidnapping children for yrs.

five hundredtwonuclear familyMostrevolting disgustingextended familytwofive hundred businesses overlook five hundredtwothatrevolting disgustingextended family twonuclear familyfinallytwo five hundredtwoextended familyevenextended familytwofive hundred revolting disgustingtheirrevolting disgustingextended familyfive hundred native twoextended familysearchextended familytwo revolting disgustingrankingsrevolting disgustingtwofive hundred five hundredtwoextended familyrevolting disgustingarerevolting disgusting five hundredtwoextended familycloselytwofive hundred twonuclear familyinfluencednuclear familyfive hundred five hundredtwonuclear familyrevolting disgustingbynuclear familytwofive hundred backlinksextended familytwo tworevolting disgustingYourtwo five hundrednuclear familyprospectsnuclear familytwofive hundred additionally search for five hundredtworevolting disgustingtheextended familytwofive hundred five hundredextended familysocialextended familytwofive hundred nuclear familymediarevolting disgustingextended familytwofive hundred twonuclear familypresencetwo extended familyoffive hundred your business.

Noah born on the yr of the tiger in the china astrology!


He is my baby and I love him.



I am amazed by this talent :


Royal Jelly v.s Jelly v.s  Jelly fish?

created by the bees …


Want to avoid winter colds? Tuck into some jelly! Gelatine can boost your immune system, beat hangovers and banish cellulite this is what they says. I would say cellulite is caused by too much salt into the diet. But whatever so many experts on this topics!


Jelly despite of being sweet has many nutritional benefits for the body. I have my favorite I get it from the chinatown or china store is made with exotic fruits like lichees.

Another univers

What it is?

in waters as far north as the British Isles, Japan, and the Florida coast of the United States.




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