creativity into the world

 A truly creative person aims at something no one else sees, and hits it.

it’s vital in all occupations 

 Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas that are both highly innovative


– I think people feel that creativity is limited to the arts. 

let my ideas flow more fluidly

A truly creative person aims at something no one else sees, and hits it.

But that’s simply not the case. 

Math and science can be very creative. 

Coming up with unique ideas is essential in the movement forward of science and technology.

 We need creative thinkers to invent products, to make current products better, to solve problems.




 Your value as a human is defined by so many many other things: how you treat other people, how you treat yourself, how much love you have for the world, your willingness to be selfless, your ability to do the hard things.



Keep in mind don’t be afraid to criticize yourself. 

be able to speak intelligently about your work.


I might sound , brainstorming , at the moment but to me this image look like a salade!

They made art with

Art:  styles and movements, materials and techniques, and museums and galleries.

Subject: Science and technology, Psychology
The production of ideas and objects that are both novel or original and worthwhile or appropriate, that is, useful, attractive, meaningful, or correct. According to some researchers, in …


I believe in quantity over quality situation..

I believe also creativity is a process and need time


to grow and have lots of motivation for it

My motivation at the moment would be probably hummm…



Subject: Science and technology, Chemistry

A change of a system from one quantum state to another.


To come up with the transition steps your own signature and what ever solution or evolution. you must figure this out in your own style and understand the meaning for a  strong motivation  and explore and to document and analyze the transition steps of  curiosity : the mind is very cool!

You should be able to criticize your own work while also being able to appreciate your strengths. 

 into unexplored paths when new associations and unexpected solutions can be found . 

you may produce a few high-quality pieces of work, but you’ll also keep yourself from experimenting and trying out some less-than-perfect works that could have led to something incredible also 

 knowledge in relevant areas  because If the creativity is not there, the art will suck, no matter what the medium.

People will generally display resistance to your idea, because good ideas change the existing dynamic, and people, for the most part, like things the way they are

 end result is astonishing #actnow

To succeed , you ought to pick something you love and make it your life’s work 


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